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Energy Performance CertificatesWe have many years experience in property surveying and providing clients with easy to read reports that are reliable and jargon-free. We provide homeowners across Hemel Hempstead with EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates) as these are now an important part of the property marketing procedure. As a European Directive, EPC’s are now a legal requirement and must be provided upon the sale of a property. EPC’s are an important tool in helping properties contribute to the fight against climate change.


In order to find out how energy efficient your home is, an EPC is required. There are various types of data relating to the property that must be collected to draw up an EPC. The data that is collected ranges from property insulation to past construction works and extensions. The data required includes extensions, construction history, insulation, relevant fittings and more.

Upon collection of the data required, the EPC is drawn up and presents a scale system that shows the energy efficiency of the property in question. The scale system rates the energy efficiency of the property from A to G, with the most energy efficient properties included in the A band (similarly to the scale found on fridges). EPC’s use the collected data to provide additional information on how the property can be adjusted to become more energy efficient, with advice related to cutting costs and becoming more environmentally friendly.

Energy Performance CertificatesHow we can help

The licensed Surveyors we have on board are experienced in carrying out energy surveys and assess properties using RdSAP methodology. RdSAP is currently the Government approved standardised system for energy surveys on existing dwellings. Upon arriving at the property in question, our licensed Surveyors will provide you with any information you need and answer any queries you might have. They’ll also provide you with an overview of the survey procedure and keep you fully informed throughout. The survey is non-invasive and usually takes between 45 mins and an hour and a half to complete.

EPC’s are taken very seriously nowadays as they play an important role in the property marketing process. EPC’s aren’t always pursued by property sellers alone, with many homeowners keen to find out the energy efficiency of their properties. EPC’s can be very helpful to those who want to find out how they can cut their energy costs and help the environment. We’re happy to provide homeowners who aren’t looking to sell with our reliable and straightforward energy surveys so that you can find out how to cut your energy costs in future.

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