Items seen on recent surveys

1 - Sarking felft in roof

Take a look at our collection of images below showing some of the different items and issues we have found when carrying out Surveys across different properties. A Home Condition Survey is important when looking to purchase a new property as we can find and detect potentially costly issues before you make your decision, or to inform you on what will need to be fixed.

sarking felt in rof

Sarking felt in roof crumbling away –  this can only be seen if your surveyor gets in the loft!

tile battens

Tile battens have rotted to this property and the tiles are being held up by sarking felt. Could not be seen from outside.

wet chimney stack

Wet chimney stack.

chimney breasts removed

Chimney breasts removed in the lounge & bedroom, rest of stack being supported on paving slab, not a safe, professional job!

flat roof sunk and patched

Flat roof sunk and patched with stick backed lead flashing.

bay window cracking

Bedroom bay window cracking away from main house.

Wasp nest found during survey

A nice wasp’s nest.  Below a couple of fire caps that should be over down lighters in the loft to help stop fires. Not seen as often as should be.

old septic tank

An old septic tank – a surprise to the purchaser as he thought it was on mains drainage.

hole in the wall

Hole being forced through cement side wall opposite outlet pipe under mining drain.

camera view

What can be seen with a camera on a pole.

roof can't be seen

Roof cannot be seen from the ground or top of chimney.

brickwork dropping

Brickwork dropping due to lack of lintel.

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Client Testimonials

We recently had a buildings survey completed by Alan. We couldn't be happier with the service that we received. Alan kept us up to date leading up to the survey and sent through the report really quickly once the survey had been completed. Alan was also available for follow up questions we had. An easy 5 star rating.
Stuart Jones
Stuart Jones
Alan recently carried out a survey on a property I am hoping to buy. The report was much more detailed and thorough than I expected and drew attention to items I had not thought of. The report - running to over 100 pages- was emailed to me on the same day that the survey was undertaken. Overall I was very impressed with the service, thank you
Glenn Wigley
Glenn Wigley
I was introduced to Alan when he carried out an EPC survey and a structural survey on behalf of our buyer. I was impressed with Alan's thoroughness and professionalism. Later when I needed a full structural survey on a property that I was purchasing I had no hesitation in asking Alan. Our survey was carried out quickly and professionally and we received the written report within 24 hours. I would have no hesitation recommending Alan Rance Surveyors.
Paul Rowden
Paul Rowden
Alan carried out a full structural survey which was really comprehensive and not only covered any work required to the property but on going advice regarding maintenance for each area of the property. Thankfully only one minor issue that was spotted and I have been able to rectify that myself. I would thoroughly recommend as a really helpful and knowledgeable chap who has also been incredibly helpful regarding a damp issue in one of our rental properties. Thank you, so much Alan.
Adam B
Adam B
I have recently instructed Alan on two properties On the first he saved me from trouble, and I withdrew my offer. On 2nd his advice and guidance has enabled me to obtain quotes for the remedial works prior to agreeing the sale. Alan is very helpful, knowledgeable, and offers a very professional and efficient service. I would highly recommend Alan! He is brilliant!
Amy Walker
Amy Walker
Alan delivers above and beyond! Professional, timely and really helpful and patient explaining the ins and outs of the report to a women who has no clue (me). I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks for everything Alan. Total star.
L Blackbourne
L Blackbourne
If you are looking for a property surveyor then this is a first class professional service I totally recommend. The survey carried out on our behalf showed major issues with the property. On that information I retracted my offer saving me money and time. Thank you once again I will be using Alan J Rance Limited again.